Welcome to Truckfinders, Inc.  Truckfinders, Inc. was started in 1979 to fill a need for sourcing exceptionally clean, low-mileage medium-duty used trucks. Over the years, the client base has expanded and includes many small to medium-sized businesses located throughout the United States and Central America.

Truckfinders, Inc. specializes in medium duty trucks. Truck requests are filled from both currently owned inventory as well as through the locator service. Current inventory is published to the website and requests are either fee-based or commission referral.   We also offer consulting services, fleet appraisal , and contract selling.

Truckfinders, Inc. is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and can be contacted by telephone at (940) 464-2200, or e-mail us at sales@truckfindersinc.com.

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Truckfinders, Inc. Tel: (940)464-2200 Fax: (940)240-0009 E-mail: sales@truckfindersinc.com